Measuring technology
for quality assurance

Our close cooperation with our customers guarantees high, consistent quality. ERVO’s pro-active quality assurance takes place in a thermally controlled, vibration-protected measuring room. Our specialists perform ultra-precise measurements here which are seamlessly documented and archived by our software.



Quality assurance at ERVO is performed using three 3D-coordinate measurement instruments from Mitutoyo equipped with PH10 MQ swivel heads and high-precision, tactile scanning measuring heads (SP25). The large range of styluses gives us great measuring flexibility. We can handle measuring areas up to 900 x 2,000 x 800 mm. Special software applies the data model to generate measuring programs that comply with the drawing.


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"Mitutoyo Surftest SV-3200" surface roughness measuring system

Determines critical surface roughness by means of the contact profile method. The system can output all standard roughness parameters along with graphics. If required, special programs with specific parameters can be created.

"Mitutoyo Contracer CV-4200" contour measuring system

Reliably logs and documents even the smallest geometries. The results can be output graphically and nominally.

"Mitutoyo Quick Vision Apex" image processing measuring system

Used for 3D measurements of small geometries and dimensionally unstable parts.

"Mitutoyo LSM 506s" laser scan micrometer

Rapidly scans precise diameters. The contact-free measurement avoids damage to critical surfaces.


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For our quality assurance, we use a state-of-the-art CAQ system that maps detailed process instructions and initial sample inspections. Furthermore, our CAQ system centrally administers our test equipment and complaints management systems. This means that our specially trained quality assurance specialists can provide full measurements and documentations according to customer requirements. We use high-performance SPC (statistical process control) software to control our manufacturing processes.


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