Special products stand out with stunning optics and refined mechanical characteristics. This is where our final processing phase comes in. Classic finishes provide a high-quality feel and impressive good looks. ERVO finishes your prototypes or products using

  • Ball polishing
    Rotation and oscillation in a drum with stainless steel balls reduces the roughness of the component, improves its corrosion resistance, and creates a mat gloss.

  • Vibratory finishing
    This process, also known as barrel finishing, is a low-cost option for smoothing surfaces and edges. Depending on the type of metal, components are placed in a drum with different abrasive bodies. With the motion of the drum, the components are efficiently deburred.

  • Band finishing
    This method gives your components and assemblies a very fine, clean polish. This classic finish is especially suitable for products designed to impress with an elegant, silk-mat surface. Band finishing also increases the sliding property of sealing surfaces on mechanical components.

  • ECM machining
    Contactless, electrochemical removal is especially suitable for complex workpieces. The method can also be used to deburr areas of a component which are hard to reach.

  • Hand polishing
    For special products, ERVO also offers hand polishing. This process is ideal for projects that require the smoothest surfaces and a flawless look.