Assemblies in

We not only produce components for medical technology, vacuum technology, and the semiconductor industry, but also offer clean-room assembly. Our ISO-8 clean-room assembly area plus a workplace with a flowbox for ISO clean room class 5 (US. Fed. Stand. class 100) provide the necessary conditions. At 6 workplaces with automatic storage systems, our employees produce the assemblies in high efficiency according to the one-piece-flow principle. Individual components are combined into top-quality assemblies.

Next up is final inspection of the finished assemblies. The surfaces are visually examined for flaws by our highly trained inspectors, then we use state-of-the-art technology to fully check functioning and tightness. All the test reports are automatically logged and filed.

Our assembly control system

Just like all work instructions at ERVO, assembly instructions are generated in our CAQ program Babtec and transferred via an interface to our assembly control system xBrain. All assembly processes are carried out exclusively under the assembly control system in combination with our Atlas Copco screw feeding system. Every manual work step is monitored, logged, and can be traced. The Atlas Copco screw feeding system ensures that every screw connection is complete and fastened with the specified torque. If a screw connection is missing or faulty, the employee cannot perform the next work step until the fault is rectified. This guarantees absolute reliability for the top quality requirements of assemblies from the ERVO clean-room assembly shop.

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