High production depth

ERVO is also your professional system partner for CNC milling and turning complex parts made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, or cast iron. We also provide other high-value services that finish your products. In our clean room assembly shop, individual components are put together to form finished assemblies. Before entering the clean room, all products go through a thorough ultrasound cleaning process in our fully automated 1-chamber, 3-bath system. We also carry out final processing in-house – including vibratory grinding, ECM machining or ball polishing. However, for some surface processing methods (finishes such as anodizing, coating, and hardening) we cooperate with experienced, long-term system partners who comply with our high quality standards.

Accurate in every detail




You benefit extensively from this: As your all-round system partner, we offer you the full range of services from raw materials storage to production and assembly right through to complete parts finishing. We deliver your largely finished prototypes, components, or assembly series direct to your door. You achieve a leaner value creation chain and optimize your own manufacturing processes. Use our variety of services and our strengths to gain an edge in your industry!


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