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As an experienced contract production partner in the metal machining segment, ERVO has become the system partner of many leading companies in various industries. ERVO always focuses on its customers’ needs and maintains high quality standards. This has made us a major supplier to many system-relevant segments of industry.



A crucial foundation for tomorrow’s technology

Our globally digitalized world is closely networked. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets enable us to connect with each other 24/7. While you are reading this, millions of users are holding components in their hands which are based on ERVO precision. Our products enable semiconductor manufacturers to produce today’s highly developed technology and also to develop what will connect us in the future.

Precision in the clean room


Precision in the clean room for valve components, valve drives, and more

Manufacturers in the vacuum industry have special requirements. For example, producing vacuum valves or entire coating plants for semiconductor technology demands not only precision but also extreme cleanliness. ERVO produces complex machined and turned parts as well as complete assemblies to customer specifications.

The basis for this is provided by high-tech CNC milling and turning centers. Equally important are our automated ultrasound cleaning system and clean-room assembly in conformity with ISO Classes 5 and 8. This is how ERVO produces custom-designed drives for vacuum valves, angle valves, individual parts, and much more for quality-conscious producers in the vacuum industry.

Full power


Full power for pumps, valves, and more

Mechanical components for compressed air and fluid technology must be manufactured to a high degree of precision. ERVO produces high-quality, customer-specific drawing parts and assemblies that make the grade. They are used for example in housings for directional control valves, pumps, motors, linear drives, and positioning units.

The parts are produced on state-of-the-art CNC machining and turning centers. Furthermore, ERVO provides a wide range of final processing options, including electrochemical machining (ECM). Ultrasound cleaning and assembly in the clean room are also available on request.

Specific parts


Specific parts for robots, grippers, laser systems, and many more

The high requirements in the special fields we already operate in also give us the capability to tackle other challenging processes. ERVO produces precision parts and assemblies for customers in plant construction that place a premium on quality, precision, and cleanliness.

These are customer-specific drawing parts for machines, plants, and automated systems, e.g. in the fields of laser machining, gripper systems, linear units, packaging machines, and robots. In these areas, we also use our CNC machining and turning centers, automated ultrasound cleaning systems, and Class-5 clean-room assembly under a flow box.

Complex assemblies


Life-saving precision mechanics

Medical technology companies demand especially careful production from their suppliers of parts and assemblies. More than that, these suppliers must guarantee they meet the high standards of the industry.

ERVO produces turned and machined parts and assemblies for medical machines and systems such as medical lasers, laboratory and analysis instruments, and precision-engineered optical equipment. To meet these high quality requirements, we operate a clean room that complies with ISO 8 and offers clean-room assembly under a flow box according to ISO 5.


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