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Flexibility, professionalism, quality
“High mech” from VALV

VALV products have been produced since 2013 by ERVO in Nüziders (Austria), a specialist in the manufacture of complex parts and clean-room compilation of assemblies – for customers in the vacuum, semiconductor, laser, and medical technology industries. Years of experience in metal cutting and milling as well as expertise in development and engineering form the basis for meeting customer requirements, including specific special solutions.

Uncompromising quality
VALV drives


Manual drives

Corrosion-resistant design, simple installation, and optimal sealing with quadruple screw connections and O-ring seals. Available in plastic (PA66-GF) or rust-free stainless steel (1.4301). Medium pressure 10 bar and autoclavability up to 130° C.

Pneumatic drives

For automated control of plants. Spring-opening, spring-closing, or double-acting, available with various spring packs for different membranes. On request with stroke limitation – opening or closing. Aluminum (hard-anodized) or rust-free stainless steel (1.4301). Medium pressure 10 bar and autoclavability up to 130° C.

with perfect formability and durability


Elastomer membranes

Elastomer membranes are cross-linked with an integrated reinforcing web (vulcanized). This increases the strength and durability without affecting the formability. It increases the service life under alternating stress. Elastomer membranes are available in the following types:

  • EPDM peroxide-cured
  • FPM (Viton)


TFM (PTFE) membranes

TFM membranes provide top chemical resistance and are also more resistant to aging than elastomer membranes, above all when exposed to steam. Membranes in sizes NW 08/10 are laminated (TFM bonded with EPDM). In all other sizes, the membranes are in two parts. The lower rigidity significantly increases the service life.


FDA conformity

With the exception of standard FPM (Viton) membranes, all materials conform with FDA requirements. On request, we can provide an FDA conformity certificate.

valve body


A special hallmark of VALV aseptic valve bodies is that the entire body is made of solid material. The result: a pore-free surface and connection ends without weld seams. This quality characteristic sets VALV aseptic valve bodies apart from other products. It pays off for users in multiple ways: top surface quality without pores and micro-cracks, easier certification and documentation, less maintenance, and longer service life. In combination with our drives, we supply you with a membrane valve system that meets even the strictest standards and excels in terms of reliability and handling in operation, cleaning, and maintenance. VALV aseptic valve bodies are available with mechanically or electrolytically polished surfaces in roughness levels Ra = 0.8 μm (standard) to Ra = 0.2 μm depending on customers’ requirements and application fields.

3.1B Certification

We issue material certificates so that the alloys used in all valves are traceable. On request, we can provide a 3.1B certificate.

“High mech” from VALV pays off – especially in continuous operation.

Sterile sampling with
VALV aseptic PNSYS


The VALV aseptic PNSYS sampling system is a special system for extracting sterile samples from product pipelines, especially in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage production. The special production method we use for VALV aseptic valve bodies produces pore-free, perfectly homogeneous surfaces on all surfaces with media contact. Together with the self-emptying, dead-space-free design, this ensures residue-free emptying and easy cleaning.

VALV aseptic PNSYS can be individually configured to customer requirements and applications. They can also be used for a wide variety of plants and pipe sections.

Valves & drives
VALV accessories


ERVO also supplies extensive accessories for VALV products. We can also implement special solutions to meet your requirements. Every VALV membrane valve is labeled with a number, part reference, and material details.

  • Digital position transmitter
  • Limit switch
  • Solenoid valves
  • Sets of wear parts
  • Special designs


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